“Where the water is as warm as the welcome”

aboutSwimming is a great all year round activity, and a vital skill for life. At Aqua Tots Swimming School your child will be in smaller classes and concentrate on catering to each individual child and their learning style.

Survival is our highest priority for your child in the water, over and above fitness and fun. Once you know your child can handle themselves in the water, they can get fit and have all the fun they like!

Our aim is for your child to be swimming 4 meters unaided by 2.5 to 3 years old. It’s not a problem if your child starts later, but this is a feasible and effective goal for children at that age.

Your child will be very comfortable and happy during swim lessons as the water is shallow and heated to 32 degrees, like a nice warm bath The change rooms are also heated, which is important so your child won’t catch a chill when they hop out of the pool – even in winter!

Your child will be under the expert care and instruction of our Austswim trained teachers. Our swim teaching strategies are developed by Australia’s leading swim school expert ‘Coach Cameron Roberts’. This ensures our  swim lesson planning is of the highest quality and professionalism.

Our teachers are well experienced in handling different learning styles and personalities so you can be sure your child will receive all the attention they need and more!